A synergy between Design and Development, WebDuo was born from the vision of two passionate and creative individuals wishing to realise the potential of creating beautiful, dynamic, intelligent and functional websites.

Our individual skills and talents, along with excellent communication skills have forged a partnership where integrity and service combined to ensure you an enjoyable experience throughout this process as well as bringing you the best possible outcome for your website..

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Synergy Graphics >>Design.Inspire.Create
16 Years of Graphic Design experience

Specialising in:
• Logos
• Brochures
• Branding/Marketing
• Social Media
• Design Concepts

As the principal designer of Synergy Graphics, I’ve had a passion for graphic design since my teens. I loved creating things and could visualise designs in my mind and transfer them to paper with ease.

After high school, I studied and graduated with a certificate in Computer Graphics and Design in Christchurch, New Zealand before moving to the wonderful south coast of Western Australia in 2000.

While working in a number of print and digital design houses, I honed my craft, balancing my creativity with clients’ budgets, with the aim of exceeding expectations.

I began freelancing in 2003 and always juggled the work I love with the security of permanent employment.

Participating in the Clipper round-the-world yacht race in 2015/16 inspired me to put all my energy into what I love doing and what I’m best at. So, with the support of current clients and plenty of optimism, Synergy Graphics went full-scale.

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Virtual Synchronicity >> Building bridges between you and your clients
22 Years of Web Development experience

Specialising in:
• Web development
• Social Networking
• Email marketing
• Web training
• Domains + hosting

Virtual Synchronicity has been listening to, guiding, training, and supporting our clients to raise their profile on the Internet and attract and retain clients to improve their bottom line.

Web design is our passion.  Throughout the years we have sourced some of the most efficient and effective designers and software- both in the look and feel of web sites and in the functionality and ease of use.

We strive to constantly improve our business and ourselves which is evident in the Awards that we have won and the Certificates that we have been awarded.

Forging strong bonds with our clients and suppliers alike, have enabled us to retain relationships with them for many years.

Our focus on following processes through building your web site ensures that your site is completed on time and within budget.

Albany CCI Business Award Winner 2011