Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sometimes an awesome website just isn’t enough. You need to get the word out, attract the right eyeballs and have customers come to you.

Find, know, like and trust – these are the four factors that determine whether someone will engage your business today. Building your find, know, like and trust factors online is crucial to your business success – most people use Google to find products & services, and research suggests up to 70% of the new business prospects will look at your social media profiles before they contact you directly.

Our preferred website content management system, Squarespace, is pre-built with search engine optimization in mind. It contains spaces for you to add descriptions and keywords enabling quick and easy changes to improve your search engine positioning. We will deliver your site with basic descriptions and keywords however if you would like a more boutique approach to your digital marketing, we can tailor these activities for you including SEO, social media, electronic newsletters and digital advertising. Contact either Nicola or Eva for more information.