Web Development

Web development consists of a number of stages including meetings and decisions around your target market, branding, what you're promoting, your timeline and what is needed to best reach your audience.

We are highly skilled developers who integrate your design and build from a simple single-page site to a highly complex, multi-functional shopping cart with programming interfaces to other services.  Your requirements and budget will set the level of expertise and skill that we apply.

Rest assured that every single site that we build receives the same attention to detail and thorough testing, regardless of your budget. 


Web Design

For a highly sophisticated, unique look for your web site, we recommend utilising our Web Design Service.  Throughout the build of your web site you will meet with our Graphic Designer and will receive a design concept for your Home Page which will flow to other pages.  We will then build your web site and apply these concepts to your site ensuring that you have the ability to change the information and pictures yourselves.

Your web site will stand out from the crowd and be admired by everyone who visits it. 


Domains + Hosting

Want a new domain name?  We have access to all domain types that you could possibly want.  We can set up the domain name for you and point it to your web site, including email hosting and support.

Oh, you don't have a web site, then let us help you.  We can create the web site for you, or, set up the hosting space so you can add your web site to it.

And as an added bonus, you have access to manage your own Domains or Hosting through our Control Panel.  Prices vary according to requirements. 

Register your domain name here.


Graphic Design

Synergy Graphics covers the full spectrum of design requirements, from the latest social media trends, to the tried and tested world of print.

When required, we work collaboratively with other market leaders to ensure our design is implemented with maximum impact and consistency across print, web, signage and social media platforms.

We can take your project from concept to delivery to save you time and money, helping to keep your message clear so you stand out from your competitors.

• Logos, branding, posters, brochures, stationery, calendars, wine labels - you name it, Nicola can do it!

Talk with Nicola!



Once your web site has been created, it quickly goes out of date!  Don't panic, we can help you to change the information on your site.

With a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and having had years of experience with a very wide range of web technologies, we can quickly and cost-effectively help you to:

  • change the wording or add pages

  • change or add pictures or photos

  • advise on how your site could be improved

Talk to Eva about how she can help!


Email Marketing

We have been connecting with people through email marketing for over 10 years now.  It's easy to use and you can even have a spot on your web site where people can ask to receive your Newsletter.

If you would like training in, or assistance in the following, we have the expertise and knowledge to help:

  • set up your email marketing account

  • create your Newsletter design

  • add subscribers or changing subscribers on your lists

  • prepare email campaigns

Contact Nicola who is currently providing this service to a number of businesses including the Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sometimes an awesome website just isn’t enough. You need to get the word out, attract the right eyeballs and have customers come to you.

Find, know, like and trust – these are the four factors that determine whether someone will engage your business today. Building your find, know, like and trust factors online is crucial to your business success – most people use Google to find products & services, and research suggests up to 70% of the new business prospects will look at your social media profiles before they contact you directly.

Our preferred website content management system, Squarespace, is pre-built with search engine optimization in mind. It contains spaces for you to add descriptions and keywords enabling quick and easy changes to improve your search engine positioning. We will deliver your site with basic descriptions and keywords however if you would like a more boutique approach to your digital marketing, we can tailor these activities for you including SEO, social media, electronic newsletters and digital advertising. Contact either Nicola or Eva for more information.


Program Coding

Do you have a special project that involves calculations or sophisticated customisation to your site, then we are able to assist. If we aren’t able to code it ourselves then we will source assistance to ensure the right solution for you.


App Development

Have a pet project that you want to move from the drawing board to the internet? We have experience in developing unique systems from specialised shopping carts to customised calculators.

 Typical Project Timeline


First Interview


Our graphic designer or developer meets with you to establish your requirements.

Present Quote and Sign-off


We prepare and present a quote for your consideration. Your questions are answered and if you agree to proceed, you sign and return the authorisation.

Project Plan is Prepared


We prepare and deliver a project plan based on our discussions with you. Following discussions we all agree on objectives and target dates.

Agree on Graphical Design Requirements


Both parties agree on the graphical design requirements and you supply logos and images to start the initial overall look of your site.

Build Site Framework


Following discussions the initial menu structure is prepared and your site is built behind a password protected layer. Hang in there, the next step is the exciting bit!

Approve Graphical Design


This is where you tell us whether or not you like what we've prepared before we add any of the content to your site. You have the opportunity to tell us what you would like changed before paying the 2nd instalment.

Supply Text, Product Information and Photos


This is your opportunity to have your say - to get your message to your audience - and convince them that they should do business with you. Send us this information, or, we can assist you by writing it for you if you wish.

Apply Text, Photos, Product Information and Passwords


This is where we take all of your information that you have supplied and apply it to your site. We also integrate other software with your site to give it additional functionality, such as a Membership Area; a Scheduling system; a Discussion Forum; Email Campaigns; Event Booking; and more. You will really see your site taking shape now.

Final Approval and Launch


Here we make those last minute changes based on your feedback. We're getting close now ... as soon as we have the final payment from you we can make your site visible to everyone.

Your site becomes visible to everyone


We change your domain records so that everyone can find your site. You may even like to have a Launch Party to celebrate this very special occasion.

Learn how to keep your site up to date


You will receive 2 training sessions as part of the project. This will give you the skills and tools to keep your site up to date and competitive.